Death by a Thousand Cuts

From a local news story. Chronicle-Telegram 8-12-14

“It’s a tragic case because this is a  guy who’s never done anything wrong in his life,” said Dan Wightman, a defense attorney  to Joseph Satava III.

What could Satava allegedly have done? First time DUI? Minor misdemeanor shoplifting? Child, animal or spousal abuse? Possibly, any number of things so minor it shouldn’t have been featured across a front page headline.

No, Mr Satava has been accused of embezzeling 2.9 million from a state wide insurance company since 1997. If Mr Satava had picked up a pack of gum and either knowingly or unknowingly didn’t pay for it, and the state put him on trial, that would be tragic and a miscarriage of justice.

Systematically bilking a company that I pay premiums to is well…criminal.

Lying to your family is the first cut of thousands to end your life.

I’ve needed lawyers in my life. I have railed against lawyers in my life. When you need one it’s good to have one.

Mr Wightman’s statement is not a single cut of thousands, but an ugly gash across the throat. Is there any wonder why our society regards lawyers poorly?


Mr Wightman gets paid for it.

It’s a funny business, if I lie to my customers, I lose customers.


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