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Another Life, Shortened by One Day

June 24, 2014

My wife spent the night babysitting three of our five granddauhters. Seems innocent enough. Everything is fun and games until “Hide and Seek”. Our girls hide and Grandma seeks. Which is great because it affords my wife the time to empty the dishwasher or throw a load of clothes into the washer.

Rules: Outside the house is out-of-bounds.

Our kids have a decent size house, but after a few years of “Hide and Seek” Grandma has found pretty much all the possible hiding places.

That day was different.

My wife searched all the bedrooms, all the closets, the basement and play rooms. Typically, when she got close to the youngest, giggles would erupt and seeking would end.

That day, there were no giggles.

It only took fifteen minutes of seeking before Grandma became frantic.

She stood on the front stoop and yelled–nothing.

She stood in the backyard and yelled–nothing.

She stood in the house and yelled–nothing.

She dialed me, a hundred miles away, to help come search. I think by definition–that was frantic.

Through the garage door came three giggling girls.

They met…well, it wasn’t pretty.

A boatload of yelling, tears and time-outs later, Grandma settled down.

Someone forgot to tell her–an attached garage is part of a house.

She admitted later it was a pretty good hiding spot.

A week later, I saw the hair coloring bill.

The next time I’m in the dog house, I’m heading for the garage.


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