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Martinus Publishing has included my latest story.

February 19, 2014

Available at Amazon

Currently, I am expanding “I am Drone” into a novel.

This is the anthology description at Amazon.

A daring admiral seeking to save Earth’s last colony ship from religious

A colonel with a heavy heart facing down an alien

A temporally-displaced sergeant seeking to rekindle freedom
in the 31st century…

These are the stories of the Future Wars, and the
Veterans who fight them. Within these pages lie tales of valor, of brave men and
women tanding their ground and serving their country in the world beyond

VFW is thrilling military sci-fi from the following authors:
Dan Gainor, Pete Aldin, Ted Blasche, Martin T. Ingham, Dave D’Alessio, Alex
Stevens, Joseph Conat, Neal Wooten, Karl G. Rich, Therese Arkenberg, David W.
Landrum, Michael Janairo, Mary Pletsch, Sam Kepfield, & Edmund Wells.


Martinus Publishing Strikes Again!

February 19, 2014

Available at Amazon

I have three stories in this anthology.

This is the publisher’s description of the anthology.

A triple-threat of fantasy & sci-fi.

The Quest: Journeys of
discovery, the search for lost treasure, legendary artifacts, and unanswered
riddles of the ages.

Curses: From magical hexes to personal misfortune,
see how people deal with the worst curses of their lives.

Vengeance: Is
it a dish best served cold, or one as hot as the fires of Hell? Is it righteous,
or wicked? The answer lies with these exacting tales of

Featuring stories by Philip Overby, J. L. Mo, Gerald Costlow,
Mel Obedoza, A. C. Hall, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Susan A. Royal, Martin T.
Ingham, Shawn Cook, Chris Allinotte, Edmund Wells, Karl G. Rich, Bruno Lombardi,
Nye Joell Hardy, & Lauren A. Forry.